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I’ve just started the process of transferring in my domain IONOS to Cloudflare however I’ve made the mistake of changing the IPS tag on IONOS to ‘Cloudflare’ before finalising the checkout on the Cloudflare side. Looking at the docs here it does explicitly state that you need to finish the checkout before changing the IPS tag (my bad :pensive:).

The domain is now in the “transfer in process” state in both IONOS and Cloudflare. I’ve never transferred registrar before so not sure how the whole process takes but given I’ve done the above in the wrong order will I now have to wait for the transfer to “time out” at both IONOS and Cloudflare’s end, or will it still work?


The domain (website), is already with cloduflare yes?

You have initiated the transfer at Cloudflare? yes?

Dont worry. While the docs say you should complete checkout at Cloudflare first, as long as you do it within an hour (or maybe longer), it’ll work fine.

However you may need to “change” the tag again at IONOS end to initiate it again.

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