Transfer Google GCP Storage-Buckets to CloudFlare R2


I am a new-recruit into Cloudflare. It’s been about two weeks since I registered my Domain Name here with Cloudflare’s Domain-Name Servers. Prior to this change, I had been using GCP (Google Cloud Platform) exclusively since 2017. I am a small Java-Developer who works on Java Related Projects, and I am now officially hosting my Java-Doc Pages using Cloudflare’s Domain-Name Servers (again, as of two weeks ago).

Currently, as I said, I have a GCP account that stores my data on Google Storage Buckets. I have never had any problems with my setup, but recently I have been trying to move my data onto Cloudflare’s “R2 Storage-Bucket System.” Going through the documentation that’s been provided by Cloudflare, I’ve seen that because Google Storage Buckets are not compliant with Amazon’s S3 Storage-Bucket API, I am unable to use “Slurp” to transfler my Buckets’ content to Cloudflare’s R2 Bucket-System.

When I am programming in GCP, I really enjoy using GCP’s Terminal-Shell (a Debian instance). I have attempted to follow the directions provided by Cloudflare to transfer my small Java-Doc Page Website onto Cloudflare’s R2 using the “Wrangler” program (I think it is called “Sippy” ?). I seem to have successfully made NodeJS install something into my UNIX Directory, but I am simply unable to figure out what it is doing. What the NodeJS / “Wrangler” kept telling me (at the GCP Debian Instance Command-Line) that it was unable to get a Headless Browser running.

I have written headless browser code before; it is actually one of the things I program in Java. However, I have no idea how to configure a Headless Browser to work with the Wrangler-Program, nor do I have any idea why it would need one in the first place!

Is there anybody out there who has successfully copied Google Cloud Storage Bucket content onto Cloudflare’s R2 Buckets that is willing to help me by providing some explanations or URL-Links that can give a clear, concise, and effective explanation for how to transfer HTML & CSS Files from Google Storage-Buckets to Cloudflare R2?

I would be very appreciative,

Ralph Torello


I have had nice morning thus far. Immediately after typing the above question, I saw the list of suggested questions that had previously been asked about this topic, below my question. I found the Cloudflare Documentation Link:

I did, indeed, set up the rclone tool on my GCP Terminal-Debian-Shell, and ran it. It took me a little over an hour, but I think I have officially - and successfully - copied all of my files from GCP Storage-Buckets to Cloudflare’s R2 Buckets.

Just thought I’d mention.

Ralph Torello

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