Transfer from Wix

I originally purchased my domain from Vistaprint. I then tranfered my domain to Wix and built my website. I now want to leave Wix and rebuild on Dashnex, Dashnex uses Cloudflare to facilitate transfers, thats the background.
So I requested and recieved a transfer code from Wix, when I enter the code here on Cloudflare I get an “Unauthorized Code” error message. When I run the diagnostic it advises that I need to change the nameserver at Wix. Wix does not allow this. I contacted Wix and they advised since they gave a transfer authorization code there was no need to change the nameserver.
I do not want the website to transfer, I just want my domain name.

That wont be possible, you will have to transfer the domain to another registrar.

In order to transfer the domain to Cloudflare you will have to point the domain to Cloudflare’s nameservers first, however Wix wont allow that. Hence you have a chícken/egg situation. You could only ask if Wix’es support could manually override the nameservers in your case.

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