Transfer from Google Domains

Hey, I’m having the same issue currently - I’m moving my domain from Google Domains to Cloudflare for context -
Does anyone have the solution here?
I’m getting the same error; I just created this account and I am the only person on the account.
It says my role is “Super Admin - All Privileges” Status= “Active”

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Please don’t piggyback on other people’s topics. Even though an issue may appear similar to yours, it becomes harder to help both parties when you commingle your own issue with someone else’s.

Is the domain that you are wanting to transfer already active in your Cloudflare account?

I am still unable to access mine, not sure if it is a wide spread issue/bug but I’d assume not as there isn’t much noise about it…

You have mentioned that you have a new account, double check that you have verified your email address as I believe any domain action is locked out until that is completed.

Best of luck, and enjoy using cloudflare - it is a great product!

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