Transfer from GoDaddy - do I still need them as my registrar?

This is almost certainly a dumb question - but I have transferred my domain settings (Nameserver, DNS, etc) from GoDaddy to Cloudflare. All three are working as they should.
All three domains have .au at the end (one is, the other two are just .au).

Here’s my question: Do I still need to pay GoDaddy as the registrar of the domains? Or is Cloudflare the registrar now? I am on a free account with Cloudflare.

I would rather pay Cloudflare as its waaaaaay better and appears to have considerable more integrity than GoDaddy is displaying. But I can’t work out how to do that!

Does anyone know? Thank you!

Name servers are different from registers.

  1. Domain Registrar:
  • A domain registrar is the company or service where you purchase your domain name (e.g., “”).
  • When you register a domain, the registrar records your ownership and manages the administrative details.
  • Think of the domain registrar as the place where you acquire your unique web address.
  • They also handle tasks like domain renewal, DNS management, and contact information updates.
  1. Name Servers:
  • Name servers are essential components of the domain system.
  • When you register a domain, you must specify the name servers associated with it.
  • Name servers act as pointers, directing requests for your domain to the appropriate location.
  • They hold DNS (Domain Name System) records, which include information like IP addresses and other essential data.
  • For example, if someone types “” in their browser, the name servers guide the request to the correct web server where the website resides.

In summary, domain registrars handle domain registration and management, while name servers play a crucial role in translating domain names into IP addresses for web browsing and email communication
In most cases, if you have moved the name servers to Cloudflare, you most likely still need go daddy as the register.

If you wanted to move away from GoDaddy, you would need to transfer the registration over to Cloudflare.

Before doing so, you should refer to the Cloudflare documentation since there are some restrictions to consider.

Transfer Restrictions
Transfer your domain to Cloudflare · Cloudflare Registrar docs

TLD’s supported by Cloudflare:
TLD Policies | Cloudflare

For your usecase, it looks like Cloudflare does not support the registration and .au domains. So you may need to keep it with Cloudflare.

Hey RodoggA,

THANK YOU for clarifying!
That is so helpful to have it all spelled out. I finally understand.
Really appreciate your time in sharing this info.
Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

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