Transfer expired domain from to cloudflare Registrar

I have a domain that I am attempting to transfer from
The domain is expired, but is within the grace period.
I have access to the domain through and can generate an auth code for transfer, but since the domain is expired, I cannot update the nameservers.

Now I have created the site for the domain on Cloudflare, but it is currently stuck “Pending nameserver update” (which I cannot complete) before being “on cloudflare”.

Is it possible to initiate the domain transfer from Cloudflare without me updating my nameservers to point at the ones Cloudflare has designated for me?

You can’t do anything with that domain until you pay for it on the original registrar.

[Edit: CAN’T]

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“can’t” probably.

Interestingly enough, they say expired domains can be transferred.

But without it being on Cloudflare first, you’re kind of stuck unless NameCOM will change the name servers for you.

Yeah, what is frustrating is the transfer can be done from the nameCOM side, but without a way to change those nameservers (since it is expired), and no way for Cloudflare to begin the transfer process I guess I’m stuck.

Check and see if their interface will allow you to change nameservers, a few registrars will still let you do it. I can’t speak to which one (I have no direct knowledge of yours), but at least one of them allows the lock/unlock domain instruction in the control panel to work even when expired, and interestingly even if it is unlocked already, when you lock it and unlock it, the nameservers become editable.

At the root registry there is no problem transferring an “expired” domain, there is a lot more going on under the hood, but the existing registrar is not required to allow transfers in this stage.

It’ll still get auto-deleted ~40 days later (again, registrar dependent, but something special happens at the 40 day mark, if I recall correctly). BUT, keep in mind that if the existing registrar submits the delete instruction during the transfer, you lose the domain and will need to pay the redemption fee, so unless you know how to release a transfer immediately (rather than waiting for it to timeout after a few days), this is really not recommended. You’re gambling to save a few dollars (the difference between what your old registrar charges and Cloudflare), or pay ~$100 for a redemption if you lose.

Finally, remember that when you transfer a domain you keep existing time plus a year for the transfer, so if you renew in place, then transfer to Cloudflare in a couple months you are getting 2 years worth of domain.


Thanks all!

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