Transfer domains to Cloudflare registry


Is it also possible to transfer domains to Cloudflare registry which doesn’t use the Cloudflare nameservers?

After transferring the domains, the nameservers can be changed? to Cloudflare or another nameserver?



For now, I wouldn’t count on it for several reasons:

  • Top of the list is that your Domain Registrar is where you assign name servers. Cloudflare’s registry automatically does this based upon the name servers assigned to your account. This would be your deal breaker.

  • Zones not using Cloudflare name servers eventually get purged. I don’t know what would happen to the registration, but it can’t be pretty.

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Today the domains have to be part of your Cloudflare account and active/verified to be eligible for transfer.

At the moment the nameservers can not be changed from what they were when added to Cloudflare and need to remain part of the same account.


You are not saying what I think you are trying to say? :smile:

I hope not. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Can’t transfer them in if NS don’t point to Cloudflare and can’t change them at the moment once registrar is switched to Cloudflare. So seems pretty safe. :wink:


Oh yeah…huh. Well, it seems Cloudflare won’t let domain owners shoot themselves in the foot. :carlton:

Okay, thanks for the information… at the moment i doesn’t want to use Cloudflare anymore, i must transfer the domains away to another registar… when the transfer is finished,i can change the namservers from Cloudflare to another nameserver.

Cloudflare guarantee that only using the nameservers of Cloudflare will be still free in the future? even the customer have transferred domains in to Cloudflare and don’t use a paid service of Cloudflare the ns function is free? (because the nameserver can’t be changed after transfer domains to Cloudflare).

I do not have any inside knowledge, but it seems clear that providing free DNS is a key part of Cloudflare’s business model, I would be astonished if that ever changed.

The basic DNS Cloudflare provides for free is good, certainly better than the DNS provided by regular domain registrars, and you have complete freedom to edit your records to point at any services you want. That is pretty much the whole point of DNS.

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