Transfer domains registered with Cloudflare between Cloudflare accounts

I need to transfer domains registered with Cloudflare to another Cloudflare account. This is allowed when Cloudflare is not the registrar. However in my case I’ve registered the domains with Cloudflare and when I try to change nameservers, I can’t do it. I’ve opened a support request and the tech says it can’t be done.
Here is the snippet from documentation he sent to me: Currently domains registered with Cloudflare** **Registrar cannot be transferred between Cloudflare accounts. We're working to** **enable this capability.

I believe it’s possible, but it’s not easy. That’s why they’re working on a process to make it easier to get done.

As Support says they’re already working on this Feature Request, are you gathering votes in hopes to get them to implement this faster?

When companies say they are working on it, what is the priority and timeline? Putting this out there for the community to look at and respond to might bump up priority.

This is big for me as it involves billing. My client changed their internal billing processes, and now the domains that could in the past be billed as one have to go to separate billing units, and every month, I have to deal with multiple billing departments. Everybody seems put out about it and ask why can’t the domains be moved or the account structured so that one department does not get another department’s bills.

So yeah, anything to get this done faster.

Please vote yes!

Thanks for asking.

What’s the ticket # from that request?


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Any further thoughts? Was the ticket # helpful?

I’ve escalated the ticket, but I don’t think anybody from the Registrar group was checking on Community escalations on Friday. Hopefully tomorrow.

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Yes this is still a work in progress and we do understand the use case but unfortunately we do not have an ETA on this as the team is swamped up with other more priority issues.

Apologies for the inconvenience here.

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Don’t hold your breath @mikemalter - I raised this same issue back in February 2019 (ticket #1648633) and got the response…

With regard to your inquiry concerning the ability to move domains from one Cloudflare account to another: at this time, it is not possible to affect an inter-account transfer within Cloudflare, however, we are currently working to enable this feature in addition to other account management tools in the very near future.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but can assure you we are working diligently to enhance our services for our customers.

I had to move the domain to another Registrar, at a cost, and then back the Cloudfare under the desired account, at another cost.

Any thoughts @AnjanaM

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