Transfer Domains Not In CloudFlare


My account is domain registration enabled. I see that I can transfer domains that I use in CloudFlare. However, I have 50+ domains registered at other registrars that i’d like to transfer. Is there a way I can do this without having to actually set them up in CF?

Thanks so much!


Currently you need to set them up first. Also, which TLDs are we talking about? Only the ones at are supported.


The overall majority of them are .com. I have a and one .legal and one .lawyer.

Roughly a quarter of of these domains are using a competitors waf + cache, etc so I don’t want to do anything that would mess them up since I am still under contract.


Do you have to use that competitor’s DNS?


Except for the .lawyer one you should be able to transfer all of them, however you still need to set them up DNS-wise, you dont need to proxy them though.


So do I understand correctly it’s not possible to automatically create sites for domains not yet managed in Cloudflare either? E:g. I have 50 domains at a registrar, for 25 of them I have sites in Cloudflare, but would like to transfer all of them. There is no other way than to create sites one by one for the remaining 25 too, right?




Thanks, it would be great to have a less manual process in the future.


I guess Cloudflare is aware of that :slight_smile:


why transfer manually when you can use cloudflare api to bulk add domains to cf account ? I wrote a guide on how I do it for bulk transfer from namesilo/namecheap including most recent update for using namesilo api to on mass do domain unlocks, epp code retrieval, disable auto renew and bulk update domains to cloudflare nameservers to add them to cloudflare before transfer

enjoy :slight_smile:

I’ve used the outlined guide to transfer several dozen domains to cloudflare so far saving me ~US$100/yr on renewals :sunglasses:


That’s pretty neat, thanks @eva2000!