Transfer domains between CF accounts

I split from my former business and want to transfer some sites to my new Cloudflare account. Is there any way to do this?

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If the domain is not registered with Cloudflare, then you can add the domain to your new Cloudflare account, export the DNS entries from the old one and import them to the new, duplicate any settings from the old account in the new one, and then change the nameservers at your registrar to the ones your new account specifies.

If the domain is registered with Cloudflare, you (quite astonishingly) need to transfer the registration to somewhere else to accomplish this. This will mean paying a new registrar for an additional year. Once the domain is at a different registrar, you can proceed with the above method.

Please vote on this feature request, as we have been trying to get Cloudflare to implement this for some time:


Thank you. Those are the options I found. None of my domains use cloudflare as the registrar.
Historically, we were able to assign domains between accounts (In my current account, of the 230 domains, about 45 of them have different CF Nameservers, as they migrated from other CF accounts).
But in the past 6-12 months, that ability has been nullified, it seems. I was hoping for a way to do this without having to alert 150+ clients of nameserver updates, but alas…

Also, while my domains are not CF Registrars, I agree with and understand the frustrations you have with CF registered domains, and I have upvoted your request. Godspeed.

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