Transfer domain to current Cloudflare account

I would like to transfer my domain registration to Cloudflare. My DNS is already set up here because I have been using Cloudflare since the site went live a year ago. The 2 biggest reasons are cost and having less confusion about where the DNS records are for admins. If my domain is registered with Cloudflare, then it makes sense that the DNS records are here.

My question is this - is there any DNS hit while I transfer the domain from in my case, Network Solutions to Cloudflare? Since I’m not actually changing DNS servers since Cloudflare is serving up my site already, are there any gotcha’s here I need to know about as far as any downtime might be concerned?

thank you

Most of the time…no. And I’ve not heard of issues with transfers from NetSol.

Some hosts reset name servers as they transfer out, messing up DNS for that domain. Again, I’ve not heard of this from NetSol, but just keep an eye on that.

I also recommend that you disable DNSSEC, as that might get scrambled during the transfer.


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