Transfer domain to Coudflare that i bought 1 week ago

Hello. i bought 1 week ago a domain on zoho. i dont like zoho at all. i want to transfer the domain to cloudflare.

is that possible? i heard there is a 60 days block…

Tpu ate correct. There is a sixty day hold on transfers after certain events, such as domain registration. That need not stop you from taking the first step of setting up your domain nameservers on Cloudflare. Your domain needs to be using Cloudflare nameservers before it is eligible for transfer to Cloudflare registrar.

Note that not all domains can use Cloudflare registrar. You can learn more here:

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Hi. How long will the transfer take? 1 hour or 1 week?

will there be any downtime?

When done right, there is no downtime.