Transfer Domain to Cloudflare w/o Access to Nameservers

Procured a .com domain through Microsoft 365 (Wild West Domains). Microsoft 365 does not provide the capability to point to external Nameservers. I want to transfer the domain to Cloudflare but hosting DNS is a prerequisite. Is my only option to transfer it to an intermediary and wait an additional 60 days?

I think that’s the deal breaker right there.

You really won’t have to wait an additional 60 days. Find a decent registrar and transfer your domain right now. And then you can start using Cloudflare. You’re certainly welcome to wait that 60 days and transfer your registration as well, but that’s not necessary. It’ll just help you save a few bucks over more expensive registrars.

Cloudflare’s Business and Enterprise plans support a CNAME configuration where you can continue to use Microsoft’s Name Servers.