Transfer domain to CloudFlare refused from register


I’ve tried to transfer one of my domains from Godaddy to CloudFlare and I’ve request the authorization code and received it as usual, but after submitted the domain I’ve received an email from CloudFlare that it has been refused from register since 60 days of lock!! … It was transferred between two accounts withing Godaddy, but any way, have I to do the whole process after 60 days finished or I just need to reenter the code? do the transaction cancelled or it will keep exist till the transfer finished?


When did you register the domain? Afaik, during the first 60 days after registering (and maybe renewing?) the domain, you can’t transfer to different registrars.


I believe the OP was referring to the outstanding transfer order on Cloudflare’s side. It is probably best to contact support in this case.


It was old domain, the lock was from Godaddy as changed account owner for the domain, I’ve contacted them and they have told me that I have to wait till 16 June where it will be available for transferring out of Godaddy


I’ll now, thank you.