Transfer Domain to Cloudflare - Question

I have transferred hundreds of domains in my life. This is the first time I’m seeing the process to change my name servers first, and then wait until its taken effect and then the transfer happens… leaving the site down until DNS propagation completes… not once, but twice.

Usually other services you initiate the transfer and pay all together… and your existing DNS settings migrate over… typically having zero down time.

Why is this so weird and or what am I not understanding with cloudflare?

At Cloudflare, each domain is required to use Cloudflare’s nameservers, which are renowned for their speed and efficiency. It’s a smart choice to avoid slow nameservers. Source: DNS Perf.


To ensure a smooth transition and prevent any downtime, I recommend properly shifting all DNS entries before making the NS switch by using Cloudflare first. It’s not a difficult process, and I believe you’ll find it quite manageable.

That makes no sense. The second I swap my name servers over to cloudflare, all my Txt, Cname, Mx records wipe to nothing. Then i have to wait for cloudflare to pick it up, then pay for the transfer, then redo all my DNS settings… costing thousands of dollars in downtime. Makes no sense. Ive never seen this kind of process before.

When adding a domain to Cloudflare, the correct sequence is to update the DNS entries first, followed by updating the NS. This process is straightforward and seamless.

Once your domain is successfully activated with Cloudflare’s nameservers, you have the option to transfer your domain registrar to Cloudflare. However, if you prefer to use custom nameservers and not Cloudflare’s, please note that this feature is not available with Cloudflare. You may want to explore other domain registrars that offer custom NS functionality.

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