Transfer domain to Cloudflare but my provider deleted my account. Not able to use Auth code

I had an account with IONOS ( and which I setup with Cloudflare to manage. Unfortunately I missed a payment on my IONOS account and they completely deleted my account :fearful: .

#1. In order to transfer the domain to Cloudflare I’d have to enter an Authorization code into my IONOS account to authorize the transfer. Since they have deleted my account, how will I be able to transfer the domain??

#2. The weird thing is, my domain still works even though IONOS deleted account and I’m setup with Cloudflare. I’m still able to push updates to it via Git. How is this still working?

Any help is appreciated, my goal is to somehow transfer my domain to Cloudflare to fully manage but not sure how I’m going to do that now since my IONOS account no longer exists.


You need to contact IONOS. Cloudflare can do nothing until your domain is unlocked.

If your domain was setup with Cloudflare’s Nameservers then the DNS is still going to work until the nameservers for your domain change.

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Ok I’ll see if they can unlock it, seems like they completely deleted the account but will see what they say.

Yeah I had set it up to use Cloudflare nameservers. Oh that makes sense, thanks for your feedback Jake!

If they completely deleted your account giving you no way to transfer the domain then I would file an ICANN complaint.

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Awesome thanks, great info!!!
Merry xmas

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