Transfer domain to CF without setting CF DNS first: is that possible?

I purchased some existing domain names: I have AUTH code, but I don’t have access to godaddy domain name management.

I try to transfer that domain directly to CF. I added that domain name to my account but did not set the DNS on the domain name since I don’t have to godaddy domain mangement.

On CF, my domain name status is: is not yet active on Cloudflare.

When I try to transfer the domain name from cloudflare by clicking the “Domain Registration”, I have 0 domains there.

Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like I need to configure totally the domain name on CF before moving it to CF (but I cannot do that since I am unable to set the CF domaine names as I explained)

Is there is something that I missed ?

Hi @yarekc1,

To transfer to Cloudflare Registrar, your domain does need to be fully configured with Cloudflare and with the nameservers pointing to those requested on your account.