Transfer domain that just renewed for 5 years at Godaddy

I just renewed a domain at Godaddy registrar for 5 years. I have another one that expires in 2026. I just transferred a domain to Cloudflare registrar for an expiring domain. I use cloudlare for all three and it looks like I didnt have to change my DNS records for this domian so the transfer was simple and straightforward, To make things easy for me,
I was wondering if I can transfer the other two domains with remaining years and are not expiring yet. I think that I understand that Cloudflare will add 1 year to the remaining time that I have and already paid for. Is this correct and will Cloudflare transfer the domains and will GoDaddy allow it to be transfer? Or will Godday give me a prorated refund and Cloudflare transfer the domains for 1 year term and reset the renewal to 1 year from now… that is if Clouldflare only allows for 1 year terms.

Hi @russell.chang

It’s correct that Cloudflare will add another year when you move the domain to Cloudflare registrar.

You can look up your domain in WHOIS, there you will see if there is a hold on the domain.

Domains that have a status of serverHold, serverTransferProhibited, pendingDelete, pendingTransfer, or RedemptionPeriod may not be transferred.

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