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No idea why the price is hidden, or you must fully transfer before price is given!
What is the cost to transfer and renew a domain name which is unlocked?
From my reading the transfer is free but cannot find the renewal cost for

Cloudflare does not list the wholesale cost for most TLDs in their marketing materials due to commitments in their contracts with the registries.

They give you the wholesale cost at checkout when you transfer your domain.

It is pretty much certain to be less than your previous charges (as long as you weren’t on a promo price for the first year at your previous registrar)

So if it is more money can i cancel ?

I’m pretty sure there is a ticket in to show the correct renewal price for .uk domains before you transfer. My .uk renewal shows as $5.24 but these prices can change.

Its just started transferring but not given me a price ?

Once the transfer is complete, you’ll see the renewal cost in the dashboard.

But what if it is a lot more than my current price?
This seems really poor service how can you buy and not know the price?

Unless your current registrar is selling at a loss it is unlinely to be, because Cloudflare sells domains at cost price.

As I said, mine is currently $5.24

The transfer is free, the renewal cost should be shown but as I said, there is an issue with it not showing correctly for UK domains.

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There was no ticket or price mentioned now says being transferred !!!

No, I mean that there is currently a bug where the renewal price for .uk domains does not show correctly when you transfer. A report has been opened with the relevant teams in Cloudflare to look into and hopefully fix this.

If you transfer anyway, you will see the correct renewal cost once the transfer is complete.

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Highly unlikely unless your old registrar was giving a discount (if this is done it is usually on the first year)

How long does transfer take?

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