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I am trying to switch my CNAME record to a different endpoint. I deleted the original record and created a new one. Then I disabled DNSSEC. According to ICANN Lookup, my domain status was “clientUpdateProhibited,” and as of today, the status is “clientTransferProhibited.” The ICANN site says “If you do want to transfer your domain, you must first contact your registrar and request that they remove this status code.” How do I go about removing this status code? Cloudflare support directed me to this community page.

Today, I deleted all records and plan to wait a day to add a new record for the new endpoint I’d like my domain mapped to. According to, the original endpoint still exists.
Thank you for the help.

A CNAME record is not a domain so none of that is necessary. ICANN is not involved nor is it advised to delete all your existing records.

Edit the record value in the DNS control panel to point the new host and you are done. That’s it.

If your record is being proxied by Cloudflare the lookup of the IP won’t change because that is what happens when you use a proxy.

Are you actually experiencing a problem after editing the record?


Thank you so much for the response. I deleted the old CNAME record and created a new one that points to a new cloud endpoint. When I try to associate my domain to the cloud endpoint, it cannot find it. After deleting the old record, I disabled DNSSEC. Currently the DNS control panel says “Your DNSSEC setup will be disabled as soon as we detect that the DS record has been removed from your registrar.”

It sounds like I should not have deleted my old CNAME record and just edited it to point to the new cloud endpoint. Do you have any suggestion on how to proceed?

Thank you for the help!


Can you explain more about what this means?

Delete or edit is fine. What’s the specific problem you are having?

This sounds like a validation process that executes a CNAME query that fails because the CNAME is set to :orange: proxied. Setting the CNAME to :grey: DNS Only should fix that.

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