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transfering domains out of google, like many others, so i was deciding between cloudflare & namexxx . i first tried cloudflare because of its robust quality. However i was v v confused about the process which differed fm most others. First one must add site, then reconfigure nameservers at the originating registrar, & only then can one initiate transfer request. Baffling, not really explained, & a right bother if one has a few to do.

Im not the only one making this point, but its worth saying again. I now tried with Namexxx, & it was that much easier.

Is there any beneficial reason this is done?

Cloudflare isn’t really a registrar like others, it just offers at-cost domain registration as a benefit to those whose sites are using Cloudflare.

Cloudflare requires you to use its nameservers so it can apply its protections and features to your traffic if required. The domain needs to be added to the account first so you can be told what those 2 nameservers are and set them at the registrar.

If done properly (see here) it can give zero downtime as both your old registrar and new Cloudflare account have (hopefully matching) DNS entries so as clients’ resolvers switch from the old to new nameservers over some time, there’s never a time where there is no DNS record the request.

At this point you can keep your domain registration at the old registrar, or (if a supported TLD) move it to Cloudflare which gives the benefit of at-cost pricing.

Domain registraton with Cloudflare is really just a bonus for those adding sites to Cloudlfare (at-cost registration). If just moving domains to Cloudflare for the cheap price, you need to be aware you cannot change the nameservers - something that annoys a lot of people that think Cloudflare is like a normal registrar. It isn’t.

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Hi @riskleast the reply from @sjr is spot-on.

Thank you, sorry and you are correct. I’ll call out that feedback for our teams.

The benefit for me is the following: I’ll use cf on my sites anyway, having cf as my registrar means I pay cost for the domain name, not cost + markup.

In my case this represented a 66% savings on one domain. In & of itself, it’s a big %, if not big $$. That savings when extrapolated over few hundred domains does mean big $$ annual savings.

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