Transfer domain page not allowing domains

If it is just for the price, I’d rather recommend to go with another registrar. The registrar bit is currently not exactly Cloudflare’s strength and you might be more disappointed than with a traditional registrar. Transferring really only makes sense if you plan to use all Cloudflare services and you should also be aware that you have to use their nameservers at the moment.

As for free certificates, these are only valid in a proxied context. If you are not proxying, you cant use the certificates provided by Cloudflare.

Oh, OK. Well, now that you explain that. Yes, I probably don’t want to go with Cloudflare. I wanted to eventually set up a cheap-o VPS and use it to point to my server.

That would work, but you will have to use the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare and cant use any other. Also you will have to proxy through Cloudflare if you want to use the certificate which you can have issued through the site.

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Cloudflare is not a hosting provider. You will need to have your website hosted somewhere else.


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