Transfer domain page not allowing domains

Hi, I’m new to Cloudflare and trying to transfer my domain.

When I use the utility to transfer my domain from Godaddy, and this is all it will do. Cannot add any domain names for transfer:

Now what do I do?

Is that domain already using Cloudflare? If so, is it directly through Cloudflare, or is it through a Partner setup?

Whats the domain?

“Cloudflare_sux” is a very pleasant choice as filename :roll_eyes:


What happened is that after I signed on as a Cloudflare member, first screen it made me add is a website. So, I tried to add it with the same domain name. It wouldn’t add, and I think it started to try to add the domain name itself, until it figured out that the domain name is with Godaddy and then started setting up my website to work with Godaddy’s domain name servers. But I didn’t want that, so I removed the website. Then when I went back to transfer the domain name, the screen is what I was shown, and there was absolutely no way on the page I could either a) try to transfer the domain name I really wanted to transfer, or b) transfer any other domain name from anywhere else.

That domain does not appear to be active on Cloudflare to begin with.

Basically, what I want to do is a) transfer my domain name from Godaddy to Cloudflare, and then b) set up a website on Cloudflare with it.

For that you first need to add the domain to Cloudflare.

Yes, it’s on Godaddy, where I’m the owner, and I want to transfer it to Cloudflare.

See what I just wrote.

“For that you first need to add the domain to Cloudflare”

Okaaay. If you can point me to the FAQ that tells you how to do this, before transferring, then I shall be obliged. and #tutorials

OK, got a question: on Cloudflare, if you want them to host your domain name, do you HAVE to have a website with them?

Please read aforementioned links. Everything is explained there. And no, you dont have “a website” with Cloudflare.

OK, this is where I get hung up. At this page, it takes you through the process of adding a web page and domain, but it says nothing about transferring a domain.

Because there is no transfer involved. As I said, you need to add your domain first.

OK, let’s see what happens. I’ll report back.

You do not seem to be overly familiar with Cloudflare and what it does. Is that impression correct? May I ask why you’d want to transfer your domain in the first place?

1/2 the price of GoDaddy. Free SSL certs.

FYI, I’ve managed my own DNS servers and have been a small-time registrar myself. Not completely clueless about the internet.