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I’m trying to transfer a domain out of Cloudflare (both registration and DNS service).
The way I’d approach this is to create a hosted zone with all necessary records in the new DNS service, lower the TTL for NS records on both old and new DNS services, update nameservers for the domain on old registrar to point to new DNS service then initiate the domain transfer.
However it seems I cannot use Custom Nameservers in the free tier, is that correct?

Also, according to the docs as soon as the transfer operation completes Cloudflare will delete the domain from my account. Should I understand that Cloudflare nameservers will immediately stop responding to DNS requests? If that’s the case how am I supposed to transfer the domain out while ensuring services on the domain keep working?

Correct, actually you cannot use custom nameservers with any plan, unless you are using a Partial setup, which is not available on Free either.

A transfer alone should not delete the domain. Where did you find that?

If you delete the domain from you account Cloudflare will stop providing responses after a short while. But again, that should not apply to a transfer.

I would first transfer the domain but keep using the DNS service. Once you transferred it, configure your new nameservers for the desired setup and change the nameservers of your domain, but don’t delete the domain from Cloudflare. Once propagation has finished, you can delete the domain from Cloudflare, though they will do this themselves once they notice that your domain is not using Cloudflare any more.

In short, with propagation and with nameservers changes, a domain can always briefly stop resolving but with mentioned steps, it should work all right.

Are you referring to Transfer domain from Cloudflare to another registrar · Cloudflare Registrar docs?

I realise it’s saying it, but it may be ambiguous and they may refer to the registrar entry. You could open a registrar ticket to clarify this with support. Generally, I would not expect them to delete the domain if it still points to Cloudflare nameservers.

As mentioned you might want to clarify this with support, but should they really delete the domain altogether after a transfer, the migration might be a bit tricky, as you’d need to immediately switch nameservers but it’s then up to propagation.

You could possibly unproxy your DNS entries and set an expiry time of one day. That should at least keep it cached mostly for that day.

Thanks sandro.

Are you referring to “Transfer domain from Cloudflare to another registrar · Cloudflare Registrar docs”

Yes, in particular this section:

  1. If you do not manually approve the transfer, the transfer will auto-approve on the fifth day after receiving the request. In either case, when your transfer out completes Cloudflare will remove the domain from your account and you will not be charged for future renewals.

I’ll reach out to support so they can confirm the behavior.


From support:

I did confirm with our Registrar team that the deletion is from your registrar account on our back end, not the zone or front end services. Functionalities besides those associated with domain registration will behave as needed.

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