Transfer Domain Issue

I’ve got a problem with a domain transfer - I’m aware we have to have DNS active for a site before transferring a domain, but the previous provider jumped the gun and changed the IPS Tag before changing the Name Servers… so now he can’t change the NS as the domain is no longer there, and I can’t transfer in. How can this be resolved?

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Hey there,

If your domain isn’t using Cloudflare nameservers, and the IPS tag has been modified, you can work with your current registrar to return it to a previous state. You can check on the domains’ registrar Here

The domain must be actively pointing towards Cloudflare to complete a migration to the Cloudflare registrar. As per: Transfer your domain to Cloudflare · Cloudflare Registrar docs

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Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay, just got back from hols. I’m wating for a reply from the guy that manages that domain.