Transfer domain from Wix to Cloudflare


I have set up a new website on Ucraft which recommends using Cloudflare to connect a domain. I have looked at the instructions for transferring domain hosting to Cloudflare, but I’m not sure exactly how to do this from Wix. The name servers cannot be edited in the account, and the option to ‘Transfer away from Wix’ gives this message: ‘To transfer this domain, please first contact your new domain registrar and ask them for your “TAG name”. Then send Wix support ([email protected]) the “TAG name” to begin transfer.’

As I have set up an account and registered my website, can Cloudflare provide this “TAG name” and enable me to make the transfer?


You can’t transfer the domain registration to Cloudflare as it’s not a registrar, you need to select another provider or keep it with Wix (if they allow third-party name servers).

You can delegate it’s authoritative DNS to Cloudflare though. Follow this guide.


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