Transfer Domain from One Cloudflare Account to Another Account

I have two accounts on Cloudflare. I have a domain I would like to transfer to the second account. This is just Cloudflare to Cloudflare, I feel like this should be easy. I have it where I can managed it from the second account, but I want it to be seperated and the first account not have access to it anymore. Please Help!!!

Who is the registrar for the domain? If not Cloudflare Registrar, just add it to the second account, change nameservers at your domain registrar to those shown in the second account, replicate your settings from the first account in the second account and once the nameserver change propagates you should be good to go.

Both Cloudflare

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What is/are the domain/s?

It’s one domain between two accounts. Domain name same as email

Got it, thank you. Cloudflare is the registrar for that domain. The process is a bit tricky and given icann regulations is a bit time consuming. Short story is you’d need to move the domain to another registrar add it to the 2nd account, change the nameservers and after the icann hold period has passed, move it back to Cloudflare Registrar. Longer story & details are here

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