Transfer domain from GoDaddy issue - Zip invalid

I am trying to transfer my domain from GoDaddy.
I followed all steps regarding, ns servers setup, adding required DNS records, etc.
During 3 steps wizard, I am failing on “Confirm contact info” step when need to add contact information for domain transfer.
I made a couple of tries (copied all info from GoDaddy UI and WHOIS record), but I got the response:

Something went wrong…
Zip invalid.

There is a validation for ZIP code on the Cloudflare side, like “at least 4 characters”.
I tried to overtake this validation with spaces before or after.
GoDaddy doesn’t have this kind of restrictions and initially, the domain was registered with 2 character postcode (it’s okay in Dublin)
The WHOIS record has the following:

Registrant State/Province: Co Dublin
Registrant Postal Code: 22
Registrant Country: IE

I assume there is a mismatch between “22” and " 22" / "22 " during the transfer request.

Please advise what to do in my situation.

Thank you,

Hi Support,
do you have any advice for me?

If someone faces a similar situation
Just update the ZIP code to your EIR Code and save it on the GoDaddy side.
During the transfer of the domain, all worked well.
To make it in a few minutes approve the transfer on GoDaddy transferring sections

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