Transfer domain from cloudflare

Transfer domain from cloud flare, anyone know how to do this?

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How do I transfer the name servers away from Cloud flare?

Little bit to misunderstood.

May I ask the domain name you are talking about, was it recently purchased at Cloudflare Registrar or some other?

Or was your domain name transferred to Cloudflare Registrar?

Otherwise, you are free to change the nameservers for your domain name to any other DNS provider you want at your domain registrar.

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I purchased my domain with Godaddy and recently moved to Host presto.

To find my Domain is actually with Cloud flare.

It sounds like GoDaddy is your registrar, and it’s there that you need to change your name server setting.

If you could tell us the domain name, we can give you a more definitive answer. But here are GoDaddy’s name server instructions:

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