Transfer domain from Cloudflare to Squarespace

Hello Community!

I desperately need help with domain and DNS configuration settings for my website I signed up for Siteground shared hosting on 8/31, but I had to cancel it on 9/15 and transfer it back to Squarespace (my domain is currently registered with Siteground). I didn’t complete the Siteground DNS settings during that two-week period. After the cancelation, I was not able to access the DNS setting in their zone editor, and I was told by their customer support to sign up for a free Cloudflare account so I can point my domain to Cloudflare by nameservers and setup the necessary records. So, this is what i currently have on Cloudflare:

CNAME wjbbely3t6gbd6xnzc3x verify. squarespace. com
CNAME www ext-cust. squarespace. com
A dpianostudio. com
A dpianostudio. com
A dpianostudio. com
A dpianostudio. com

However, in my Squrespace DNS setting, it results in a lot of errors:

While in the Cloudflare Diagnostics page, it says my website has a redirect error.

As you can see i am a newbie and not at all tech-savvy, please walk me through this set up and thank you so much for all your help.


This is just a guess, but try changing your DNS records to non-proxied (from :orange: to :grey:) and see what SquareSpace reports then?

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@thedaveCA THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help!! It worked!!

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