Transfer domain doesn't get the last stage

I am trying to transfer a domain to Cloudflare, like I did several times before, but when I get to the last stage, I click on Confirm and finalize transfer, and nothing happens.
Can anyone help?
Thank you!


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Thank you, but I know how to do it, the problem is that in the third and last stage, when I click on Confirm and finalize transfer, nothing happens, the browser is not frozen but is not loading anything either.

Please try another browser or use incognito mode in the browser.
Maybe try disabling the content blocker.
Do you have any extensions that may be blocking it from loading?
Could you send screenshots of the network/console tabs [CTRL + SHIFT + I]?

Picture1 Is this what you need? Thank you for your reply!


Is your browser brave?
Have you tried another browser?

Yes, I have tryied with Chrome as well

Brave is based on Chromium, the open-source code that forms the basis for Google Chrome.
I suggest using Firefox or Opera. And announce the result.

Oh! I managed to make it work! Apparently when it uploaded my personal info, the phone didn’t comply with the format they want (it must be something new). It was very subtle, I didn’t see it as an error.
Thanks a lot for taking a look at it @DotMrCode !


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