Transfer Domain Cost + DNSSEC

Hi there!

I’m being very stupid, and wanted to check something - looking at transfering 3 domains from Google to Cloudflare.

  1. I’m seeing I need to disable DNSSEC before transfering, then re-enable on Cloudflare’s end once transfer is complete. Is that correct?
  2. In regards to costs, all the domains are registered until sometime in 2024 - for arguments sake, let’s just say the 7th April 2024. When I transfer will it charge me when I transfer, and add another year (so extentend until 7th April 2025? Or will the renewal be from the transfer date for a year (e.g. if I transfer on the 9th Sept 2023, so the domains will be due for renewal on the 9th Sept 2024 again). Or, do I not pay, and just pay when each is due for renewal on 7th April 2024? (Pretty sure it’s the first one.)

(The dates are not correct for when the domains are up for renewal, just examples, and only asking as last time I transfered domains about 12 years ago, I lost 9 months of registration with the new registra.)

Hopefully that makes sense! And I’m likley being stupid haha

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  1. Not necessarily. Considering that your domain already needs to be properly configured for Cloudflare before you transfer, the transfer itself should not change much and you could leave DNSSEC in place. If you want to play it safe, you can certainly disable it however.
  2. The transfer is a regular transfer like with any other registrar and the same rules apply. Most domain will simply add one more year to the expiration itself, but this does depend on the TLD. .uk domains usually transfer for free but there is no renewal either.

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