Transfer DNS zone from 1 cloudflare account to another

I’m new to Cloudflare and don’t have a lot of experience managing domains and dns zones in CF.

We’re taking over management of a portfolio of DNS zones that are currently setup in their web developers Cloudflare account. The domains are registered at a separate registrar. All domains currently point to CF nameservers.

What’s the least friction way to get these DNS zones in my clients new CF account? We have full cooperation from them.

  1. Add the domain on the new account.

  2. Log in to your domain registrar/registry, and update the name servers to the new ones provided for the domain on the new account.

Once the DNS propagation has passed away (usually taking up to 48-96 hours after successful change), Cloudflare will automatically understand that the domain does now belong to the new account.

So literally, you just start the process for adding the domain again on the desired account, and follow the procedures there.

The part of “least friction” isn’t really going to be compatible with what you want, as you will have to re-configure everything (IP addresses, custom firewall rules, …) on the new zone on the new account.

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While you will have you reconfigure the rules, you can export the DNS from the old account and import it into the new account.