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I’m trying to transfer DNS from SiteGround to Cloudlfare, we are already with CF via SIteGround, currently we moved all server to AWS from siteground, The siteground automatically pointing CNAME to their own IP instead of ip address from AWS periodically. It makes site unaccessible for the customers. That’s why we made decision to transfer DNS from SiteGround to Cloudfare. There is an issue when we click to “Select domain to transfer” , our domain shows in “Unable to Transfer” tab, and shows content as follow “Some domains cannot be transferred to Cloudflare Registrar. If you registered, transferred, or modified the contact information on a domain in the last 60 days, we cannot transfer yet. In other cases, we do not yet support the TLD. We’re constantly working to improve that list, though. Check back soon.” , Require Full Setup is showing how to use api … it’s not helpful to us to transfer domain to CF. would you please guide us to transefer Domain to CF, thank you much.

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I don’t think you want to do a domain transfer. Just make sure you’ve turned off the Cloudflare integration at Siteground. This clears your domain at Cloudflare so you can self-manage it here.

If your next step is to transfer the domain registration to here, you need to do the above first. But this is not necessary just to use Cloudflare DNS with AWS.

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after inactive in Siteground for Cloudflare plugin, the site is not loading anymore with CF currently. When cliked to DNS tag in CF, it shows

Partner hosted zone

Your DNS zone file is hosted by , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.

I’m not sure what we should do for next?


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If you deactivated it at siteground, see if you can remove the site from Cloudflare in the Overview page.

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I am able to remove site from CF, and then shall i add it back again? thanks.

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re-added to site back to CF. www is not reachable it shows canonical name =

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That looks like a leftover from siteground. You’ll need to update DNS for the new AWS hosting.

Yes, I added A for www to two AWS address, currently i haven’t setup load balancer in AWS, two web servers are running with two different ips, so i added www points to two ip address in AWS. they are not updated in nslooup, www is still using CNAME with Not sure how we can update it in CF DNS server.
thank you Sir.

Above issue was resolved, another issue comes with

** server can’t find NXDOMAIN

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