Transfer DNS management

For Workes & Pages, what is the name of the domain?

What is the error message?

Transfer DNS management

What is the issue or error you’re encountering

I keep receiving a warning to transfer the DNS to Cloudflare, even though both the DNS and the domain have already been fully transferred.

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

  • Move DNS to Cloudflare
  • Move Domain to Cloudflare

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

I was in process of moving domain from one cloudflare account to another. After creating cloudflare pages for the project, and settingup new nameservers for new account i did get that message. After that i moved domain to cloudflare, and still the same error

Hi there,

Are you able to share a screenshot the warning you a receiving exactly, is it via email?

This will help us narrow down exactly what we are looking for.

My thought if you are moving from one account to another, is that maybe the old original account is asking you to move back to reactivate under that account - and then it can be ignored. This is just a theory, would need to understand more about what you are trying to move and what warning you are receiving.


Apologies for not letting you know that the problem was resolved (at least I could do that here, unlike on Twitter). I got help on Discord. You were close to the solution, but the problem was that the new account was requesting it. I resolved the problem by deleting the domain from the old account.

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Erisa from Discord:

Are you a member of multiple Cloudflare accounts? This will happen if the zone is added as pending on a different account you’re a member of, and the fix is to remove it from the wrong account

I was transferring a domain and a Cloudflare Pages project from one account to another. Even though everything was moved to the new account, I kept the domain on the old account just in case. The domain had a “moved” status. In the end, removing it from the old account resolved the issue.

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