Transfer DNS from one Cloudflare account to another one

I think I know the answer…but need to be sure so I don’t break everything.
We have DNS records under a personal Cloudflare account…I need to move them to our account.

So I set up a Cloudflare account and said what the domain was, it magically built all these DNS records…like it found them in the other account and imported them…very cool.

Do I need to just change the nameserver to point at my new Cloudflare account and Presto! All done?

if so…that’s awesome!

Hi @user4568,

Just check the content of those DNS records matches as well. It sometimes imports Cloudflare’s IP instead of the origin if the old account had the records proxied, which can result in a 1000 Error when you switch the nameservers.

If all the DNS records match and you check the other common settings, then you should be good to just change the nameservers.

You can still use the export/import feature. That should fill in any blanks.

Or just eyeball them side-by-side in two browser windows to make sure they match.

Thank you.
I removed the ‘automagically’ added DNS records and instead did an import from the other account.
Then changed the Nameservers address.

Then we started seeing SSL errors…but then we reissued Edge Certificates.

After that…every appears to be working as expected. :smiley:

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