Transfer DNS from Cloudflare to Xneelo

How do I transfer nameserver and DNS away from Cloudflare to my hosting company Xneelo?

You point your domain to their nameservers and you are good to go.

Optionally you can also remove the domain from Cloudflare, but Cloudflare will do that anyhow, once your domain is not using their nameservers any more.

If you have any records which are not set up with them, you can also export your DNS records on th DNS page and provide them with the file.

Who do I ask to do this as we have had this issue before and it took weeks to sort out.

Ask for what? Your host needs to provide the nameservers and you need to change them at your registrar. Cloudflare is not involved here.

Hi Sandro,

Apoologies I am new to this whole game. I have created a website on Groove. The have given 2 x DNS records from Cloudflare that I send to my host. They then send me back a lost of Records I needed to chance on Cloudflare. Last time this happened it took weeks to sort out so my website could go live. If I remember correctly we moved everything away from Cloudflare and xneelo took over everything. Sorry I lost all my mails so cant remember exactly what we did.

Do you still want to use Cloudflare or have everything managed by your host?

I want everything managed by my host Xneelo

In that case you go that route.

Thanks so much let me see what I can get from them. Have a lovely day.

Thanks, you as well please.

As far as I can tell their nameservers are at xneelo's Nameservers - xneelo Help Centre but you really best clarify this with them and then make the necessary changes at your registrar. Cloudflare is completely out of the picture here I am afraid.

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