Transfer DNS from Cloudfare w/o having access to it

I acquired my site a year ago and I believe the previous owner had the DNS with Cloudflare because that is shown in the nameservers but I did not have an account with Cloudflare. The domain is Namecheap and the webhost is Kinsta.

I want to add a property domain to Google Search Console but it requires modifications to the DNS to which I do not have access to. How can I transfer the DNS from Cloudflare to Kinsta or Namecheap if I do not have access to Cloudflare’s nameservers?

You just change the nameservers set at Namecheap to wherever you want to manage the DNS. That could be at Namecheap, it could be a new or another Cloudflare account (you will be given 2 new Cloudflare namesevers to set in order to prove you own the domain and gain control of the DNS) or another provider.

Once the nameservers are changed from those required by the Cloudflare account that is currently providing DNS for it, the domain will be removed from that Cloudflare account after a period.


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