Transfer .dev domain from Google Domains to Cloudflare

Basically I own a .dev domain bought from Google Domains and currently being managed by their own registrar. I know they sold the domain business to Squarespace and it has not finished yet the migration.

I am now wondering how it would go if I requested a transfer to Cloudflare’s registrar, will my yearly price change? Does Cloudflare increase the price yearly? Will it be the same as I already pay, since I use a TLD owned by the same company’s registrar?

Since I bought it, I used to pay a fixed price in BRL for the domain: 50 BRL. In USD it would be around 10USD or 11 now. Will that change? I have renewed it in October, if I request the transfer, will I need to pay an extra renew fee since ICANN kind of forces all transfers to do so?

Any and all information regarding a transfer like that would be welcome!
Please, I did not find such important data available on forums…


No. It’s showing $10.18 for me now.

Cloudflare doesn’t set the prices. The TLD owner does. But if you pay for ten years all at once, you pay the current rate.

Your fee will extend the registration one year from the current expiration date.

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Not sure about this answer… the one costing 10.18 was just an example, I meant to ask if the price would be different for mine, since pretty much all .dev domains on CF costs the same…

What do you mean? In my case my domain will expire in october 2024, so if I transfer right now I will probably need to pay the 10.18 usd, and that would renew my domain up to octobe 2025?

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Cloudflare Registrar charges the same at-cost fee for first-time domain registrations, renewals and transfers for all customers… and I don’t see why yours should be any different. There are no first-year promotional gimmicks here.


And this is an ICANN requirement and the industry-wide practice for all gTLD domain transfers. See this Cloudflare FAQ.


Wow, that is even better than what I was expecting!

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