Transfer .crypto domain

Hey guys I have a domain at and I want to transfer it here, when I click on add domain it says:

We were unable to identify myDomain.crypto as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

How’s the transfer process? I haven’t claimed it into my wallet yet btw, just in case.

Thank you

.crypto is not a valid TLD based on the public suffix list. You won’t be able to add a domain with that suffix to Cloudflare.

Public Suffix List

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How is it that there were some news that Cloudflare was supporting .crypto domains? I don’t understand so what part of it do they currently support?

Where did you see this?

I was reading a little more now and I think the confusion is that unstoppabledomains (the company) is using Cloudflare to support .crypto domains, Not that Cloudflare itself is letting users transfer the domain.

Is this true?

Cloudflare will not proxy a .crypto domain. That subreddit looks like they’re talking about Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver, but it’s very vague on details.


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