Transfer .com domain from

Hi, I have a .com domain registrered with I would like to change that registrer to Cloudflare. However, I can’t start the transfer proces from cloudlfare, as there is no option available. I have moved one .com domain from godaddy, this worked just fine.
I have the auth-code for the .com domain transfer and the domain dosen’t use WHOIS privacy.

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You first have to add the domain to Cloudflare before you can transfer it.

I have added it already. Right now it says:
Yellow mark “Not on Cloudflare”.

I haven’t pointet the nameservers to Cloudflare since I have set up the DNS records on Cloudflare and just takes the update when the domain transfers to Cloudflare.
Do I have to change the nameservers (at to Cloudflare, before I can change the registrer to Cloudflare?

That’s the issue. The domain needs to be fully active first.