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mine all look good now, I can see the proper options instead of the “transferring” message. Will close the ticket if I can find it again!

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Sounds good, glad its resolved

So I do still have an issue with the after all. It’s now showing as being registered, everything looks good but I am unable to add years to the registration period. I have no issues adding years to any of the other domains listed in my dashboard, just this one that had an issue transferring over originally. Other, .uk, .net and .com domains all add years just fine!

I do the following:
Manage > Add years > Select “1 year” and click “Renew” > A pop-up window is displayed showing price etc and I click “Purchase”

The pop-up closes and nothing is renewed!

This is more of a follow up than request for help…

The domain wasn’t working right on Cloudflare, my dns broke again after simply clearing the cache and my site was down for the duration! I decided to transfer it back to Namecheap yesterday. The transfer was successful, things were still broken though. Namecheap’s live chat were great! They identified the problem and contacted Nominet to fix the issue (which was done within in 3-4 hours of my support request).

Think I’d rather pay the extra $2 a year to Namecheap just for the support!

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Glad it’s sorted for you, even if it’s not with Cloudflare. Live chat is only an option on Cloudflare’s Business plan or above so it can take a while for email support and a lot is done via the community now.

I might try transferring it back again after a couple of weeks have passed and see if things go better for me next time.

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