Transfer Cloudflare Registrar Domain to a new Account

My client wants me to manage their domain and update their website with Cloudflare Images. To achieve this, I need to add their domain to my Cloudflare account. However, my client has registered their domain through Cloudflare’s registrar. According to this documentation[1], to add their domain to my Cloudflare account, I would need to transfer their domain to a different registrar.

This process is undesirable because it incurs unnecessary costs and requires either of us to sign up and manage another registrar that neither of us wishes to use. Transferring the domain to my own Cloudflare registrar after the initial transfer would also require us to wait for 60 days and pay additional charges.

Is there any alternative way for me to manage my client’s domain without switching registrars? If not, can I still set up their domain to use Cloudflare Images through my subscription?


Your client’s domain shouldn’t be in your account. They should invite your account to administer theirs.


Will this enable my Cloudflare Images subscription for their domain?

To clarify, I fully manage my clients’ websites and domains. Under typical circumstances, I will either purchase the domain for them, or if they have an existing domain, I will route their domain through to my Cloudflare account. However, the latter doesn’t seem to be an option if their existing domain is registered through Cloudflare’s registrar. This is a problem, as I cannot utilize Cloudflare images on a domain that is not linked to my Cloudflare account.

Administrating their Cloudflare account seems to solve the problem.

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