Transfer Cloudflare Registrar-domain between Cloudflare account

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In the past, I was used to moving domains from one account to another was a matter of simply re-adding the same domain in another account, and then changing the name servers to whatever nameservers the new account held.

BUT I cannot change nameservers when a domain is using CloudFlare Registrar. I can add the same domain to another account, but it really doesn’t help me, as I cannot change the name servers.

Does anyone know if this is possible? I am considering transfering out of cloudflare and then back in, but that does seem like a rather stupid solution - besides, I’m quite happy about many of the CloudFlare features that I wouldn’t want to miss while transfering around (besides that, there’s also costs for transfering etc…).

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Contact support… You could transfer out and back in, but in think it’s better to contact support so they can prioritize this feature.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’ll contact the support, because transfering out and in, is really a horrible option, though it seems the only way right now :sweat:

Hi, were you able to it? I’m in the same situation.

It’s not currently supported. Transfer out and back in is the only option at present. Contacting support might help prioritise the feature.

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