Transfer .ca domain


would love to transfer my .ca to cloudflare, it’s the last domain I have before everything is centralized in one spot. Been waiting years now!

Another +1 - remaining on Namecheap until this is supported sadly

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+1 to :canada: TLDs, give it a vote :voted:
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Adding my voice to the chorus of people who would very much like .ca registrar support.

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We have over 100 .ca domains to move over to Cloudflare!! They are already in Cloudflare for DNS, would love to hit transfer and make it official!!! DNSSec is SOOOOOOOO nice and easy when its all on Cloudflare… So many Canadians love you guys!

Just adding my name (and vote) to the list of those who would like to see this implemented.

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Adding another voice and vote. Been wating forever for Cloudflare Registrar .ca support. Be nice to get a real update from the registrar team, what the roadblock actually is.

The roadblock will be the extremely stringent rules for .ca domains, not Cloudflare’s end.

The main issue will be residency related. Cloudflare is not a Canadian company, nor is its infrastructure located in Canada. Without Canadian residency, you are not allowed to sell .ca domains, period.

This is explained here on the CIRA side, this policy won’t be changing ever.

Cloudflare would need a canadian subsiduary plus canadian operations to qualify. It’s likely not worth that entire separate business unit just to sell some $10/yr .ca registrations.

Cloudflare does have infrastructure in Canada does it not? They advertise infrastructure here. And other US based companies have managed to pull it off. Namecheap for example.

Adding my name here as well. I would rather give my money to Cloudflare and have all domains here.