Transfer .ca domain

1+ for .ca support

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I have multiple clients in the same situation. Cloudflare APIs make things easier with adding sub-domains, etc.

What’s taking the Cloudflare team so long to support .ca domains??

I suspect the major hurdle is that in order to offer each different TLD, it requires different parties to be involved, different discussions to take place and different agreements to be made.

Just adding a vote here as well.

But in reviewing the currently available TLDs there appears to very few if any country based TLDs available from Cloudflare.

To me this seems like a policy of “we aren’t going to offer the country based TLDs”. Or it may be that they have to deal with so many more registrars as there is generally a different registrar for each country level TLD.

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Another vote from me as well, currently all of our .ca domains (and one .shop) are still on Hover, whereas the rest are all already over on Cloudflare, would love to have all of our domains hosted in one central location!

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Canadian here still paying namecheap! Would love to move the works to CF!

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+1 for .CA domain ! Would love for CF to have that capability.

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As a fellow Canadian I will add my support here as well. I was truly disappointed to discover that cloudflare does not support .ca hard to join and support a company that doesn’t support back

:point_up: that part, every TLD requires a different negotiation, relationship, contract, et al.

.ca websites can still use cloudflare, Cloudflare Registrar is just not yet at a point where we can support at-cost domain name registration for .ca domains.

+1, can’t believe this isn’t already possible.

This makes things awkward for us. We want to register all our domains with one registrar, ideally Cloudflare, but we can’t do that because half of our domains are .ca.

Signed up and just about to xfer my 20 domains from Google to Cloudflare but no support .ca means I’d have domains in 2 places which is exactly what I don’t want. Within reason, I don’t care what it costs to transfer/register a .ca, so what’s the holdup? Literally every other registrar, big or small, supports Canadian TLDs. So if not Cloudflare, where should I look for a solid reliable registrar?

+1 would love ca domain support.

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Added my vote as well… really hoping to see CF support .ca registration in the future :slight_smile:

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