Transfer .ca domain

Please add support for .ca domains.

Not being able to purchase / transfer .ca leaves millions of Canadian customers without CF domains.

Thank you,


You can still use a .ca domain with Cloudflare. The restriction only applies to Cloudflare Registrar.

We want to transfer our domains to CF


Guess you’ll just have to wait until such time (should such a time ever come) when Cloudflare Registrar supports the ca ccTLD.

But in the meantime, you can still use Cloudflare services with .ca domains.

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Yup - it’s been, I think 3 years with several topics closed? It’s as if CF doesn’t want to sell to willing Canadians. A lot of people here use .ca domains.

Doubt it.

Do note there appears few ccTLDs on the list, the bulk made up of gTLDs.

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Hi there,
We are sorry but we cannot give any ETA when .ca will be available on CF registrar.
Our registrar team has been working on adding new TLDs on our service.
Please stay tuned on our TLD policies update: TLD Policies

Thank you for your feedback.


Where is the love for Canada? We would love to move our domains over to Cloudflare, but .ca are unsupported!!

For the love of Maple Syrup, Poutine, Beavertails please show the love for .ca!!


Oh, we :heart: Canada a lot, and we love zero markup domains!

We’re working to add more and more tlds to Cloudflare Registrar. Watch this page for what’s new, what’s on deck, and what’s supported,

Until .ca is available, here is a bit more :heart:
:canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada: :heart: :orange: :canada: :heart: :canada:


Haha, love the Emojis! Really looking forward to the .ca, we have over 200 I would like to move.


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I’d like to add my voice to this too. It’s the only element for now that is preventing us from moving our domains here.

We have a dozen of domains to manage and I want them all in the same place for both renewal and management. Since Google Domains is shutting down and we have no idea how Squarespace will handle this, we’re looking for a new service to handle this.


Just to add my voice to the mix.

I as well would like to transfer my .ca domains from google domains. Squarespace does not meet my requirements.


I want to add into this, cloudflare, please get .ca domains working ASAP - google domains is closing and we need a new home.

Millions of people will move here if you open up your ccTLD to more, canadians need support during this difficult time with domains.

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Thank you, comments appreciated, votes count
Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 4.56.21 PM

I’m sure Cloudflare wants to support Canada and I continue to hope that they will, but in the meantime I want to make the case that the blame is misdirected.

This is like when Skype supported almost every country in the world except Canada (for stuff that required a phone number). Everyone was mad at Skype but it us that were the problem.

The big telecom companies tell the government how to managed phone number (and pretty much everything else) and no possible competitors were allowed.

And I doubt Bell or Rogers want a company like Cloudflare to expand their presence in Canada and possibly compete with them.

This country is an oligopoly and is closed for business. Heck, just this week the government gutted the independence of the competition bureau, presumably so they can attack whoever their big corporate friends ask them too.

Don’t believe me, follow Michael Geist who is the most independent, expert, and respected voice on Canadian telecom policy. (He’s a prof at U of Ottawa.)

Alot of registars have .CA its not rare like or .cn domains, its common.
Many brand new registars have them, such as spaceship.

Cloudflare, we’re you’re neighbours - invite us to the party and stop excluding your closest allies :slight_smile:

Jumping in to please +1 for .ca domains on CF! Pretty surprised it’s not already supported as pretty much every other major register already supports .ca!

Adding another +1 for this feature request. Help me get off of GoDaddy please. :slight_smile:


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