Transfer .biz and ccTLDs to Cloudflare Registrar

I have been unable to transfer in a .biz domain from GoDaddy ever since Cloudflare announced support for the .biz TLD. Has anyone else had trouble with this one? Cloudflare support have told me that they cannot because it is a premium domain, but GD support insists it is not a premium domain. Just curious if I’m alone on this one.

.biz has been on the supported list for a while.

Are you paying more than GoDaddy’s standard $24.99/year for that domain? (not counting first-year discount)

Nope. My last renewal was $24.99 for the domain in question, unless you add the $0.18 ICANN fee to the equation.

That doesn’t sound Premium. What happens when you try to transfer the domain registration?

And can you post the ticket # from earlier?

I’ve tried two different paths, but will describe one here:

  • Log into the dashboard and go to the zone in question, which has had its DNS managed by Cloudflare for over a year.
  • On the overview page in the Domain Registration block, click on the ‘Manage Domain’ link.
  • This brings me to the registrar page, where it shows the current registration as “Unknown (Godaddy-GoDaddy)”.
  • I click the “Transfer to Cloudflare” button, which takes me to the Cloudflare registrar manage page.
  • I click Transfer.
  • It scans the configured zones to transfer in…and nothing shows up.

I opened a support case regarding this and was told that it does work because the domain is marked as a premium domain. Return to top. :slight_smile:

.biz only charges a premium for initial registration, and after that all .biz domains can be renewed at the same annual fee.

Currently Cloudflare Registrar does not
handle premium domains at all, regardless of the annual fee, if it is listed as premium it is not supported. Premium domain support is on the backlog, but no ETA yet.


Interesting and helpful insight. I’ll have to look back at the initial registration, which was I think about 10 years ago. GoDaddy have assured me this is not a premium domain, but then again, it is possible that the original price was higher than this threshold. Thanks again for that insight.

We’ve got a .biz on cloudflare registrar that I recently transferred from Godaddy. I had zero issues with the transfer from Godaddy. Completed on 9/29.

I do have the same issue that you are describing with a .me domain that was supposedly added as a supported TLD on 10/19. Cloudflare shows the current registar as “Unknown” but it is registered at Godaddy.

I am somewhat relieved someone else has this issue, but it is unfortunate that it is happening. Only have 3 more domains on Godaddy that need to be registered on Cloudflare as soon as the remaining TLDs are permitted.

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Sounds like we’re in the same boat. I also am down to my three last domains on GoDaddy, and they’re .co, .biz, and .us domains. Sounds like the original domain price may be what holds these back, unfortunately.

Request #2243495. Thanks!

Hopefully when @gloria gets in today she can dig into this and add more information, or a confirmation, to your ticket. Or maybe find a way for the Registrar team to work around false positives on the premium domain check.

@vnges I am afraid that although announced, the support for .me domains is not fully available, our Engineering team is still working on this project, but I am afraid that I don’t have an eta, but I will post updates here as soon as I will have that info. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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@SamErde I am afraid that we still do not offer premium domains transfer, my apologies for the extended wait.

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Please update your tld’s page :stuck_out_tongue:

I have escalated this internally, my apologies for this confusion.


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