Transfer authorization code input: blocking

I have a website on Cloudflare (currently free plan), I’ve unlocked the domain with my current registrar (BlueHost) and have an authorization code from them.

I’m having trouble getting through ‘2. Enter authorization codes’ on Cloudflare.
There is a field where I am able to enter the code.
The code pattern is L=letter (x4), N=number (x9): LLLL-NNN-NNN-NNN

However, there is a red cross that appears next to the code I give, and the 'Confirm and Proceed button is greyed out.

I have transferred similar .io domains previously, and the support at BlueHost have indicated it is not a premium domain but rather a generic TLD.

Where can I send the authorization code?
Thanks in advance

Hi @begleybrothers,

Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end, try typing it out if you are pasting it to make sure there aren’t any.

If it still doesn’t work, you’ll need to submit a ticket. You can open a Registrar ticket in your dashboard at under ‘get more help’. Once you have a ticket number, please post that here.


Hi @domjh, Thanks for looking into this.
The ticket number is: 2386614

Thanks again

I’ve escalated that ticket.


Hi there-

We have replied to you on the ticket asking you to get a new code from the registrar and try again. Please make sure you do not copy paste the code but actually type it in because the special characters or spaces might result in an error.

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