Transfer approval pending

I transfer domains from Godaddy to Cloudflare. But few domains show “approval pending” more than a week.

What could I do now? Please help me. Thank you!

Shouldnt be more than a week. After five days it should be either automatically accepted or rejected.

What are the domains?

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I’m moving about 4000 domains from Godaddy to Cloudflare. Starting from Jun 26th 2019 but only 47 domains and I see “Transfer in progress [Zone overview]” for some domains such as:

So I stop to transfer and waiting for few days but they still show “Transfer in progress [Zone overview]”.

Both domains were updated the last time three days ago and both have a pending transfer. Have you already approved the transfer on your current registrar’s side?

I approved all domains in transfer out list on Godaddy. If just 3 days I’ll continute to wait. Thank you so much!

I cant tell what that update on your domain exactly was about, but if you say you started the transfer process more than a week ago you might want to contact your previous registrar for clarification.

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